Viglet Compass DXP
Your company in the right direction. CMS, AI, NLP and Chatbot in one place.

Native Cache

Your site will be optimized with native cache. Faster and hassle free.


Communicate with your client and elaborate complex intents, obtain reports and progressively evolve your interaction.


The simplicity of Headless CMS, consuming and interacting with its content using GraphQL power.


Run Multi-container Docker applications using Docker Compose and Kubernetes.


Create new Post Types with different attributes, that fit your business.


Support many NLPs like: OpenNLP, CoreNLP, SpaCY and OpenText Content Analytics.

Search Ready

Contents are indexed automatically. This way, you can use embedded search engine in your site. Simple and powerful.

Semantic Navigation

Create a faceted search with targeting rules and choose your favorite NLP to boost your content and index from many sources, such as: Wordpress, OpenText WEM, database and file system.

Track the progress of Compass DXP development