Fuse Management Central
The most simplified and intuitive OpenText Content Suite/Extended ECM management solution.

System Administration

With Fuse Management Central intuitive user interface, administrators can now perform their administration tasks directly from a system component, maintaining the context and understanding of it. And, if it's business hours, administrators can opt to schedule any administration task, such as configurations, avoiding manual off-hours tasks.

System Monitoring

Fuse Management Central has a built-in knowledge base, based on OpenText Content Suite®/Extended ECM administration best practices, covering various behavioural scenarios and proactively alerting you of incorrect or low-performance system components.

OpenText Archive Center Management

OpenText Archive Center is now part of Fuse Management Central management stack, extending our solution to be not only multi-cluster but also a multi-solution type, bringing a mind-blowing set of management capabilities for both OpenText Content Server and OpenText Archive Center.

Service Report

The Service Report feature, available in Environments List and in Environment details pages, allows users to create an automatically generated report describing the OpenText application status, availability and performance for one or multiple environments, covering a customized period in time. This report provides information regarding status, health, detected alerts and the efficiency of the OpenText Content Suite infrastructure.

Storage Provider Management

Managing Storage Providers has never been so simple and straightforward, administrators can now have a centralized solution with enhanced health, status and performance observability while allowing to manage single or multiple Storage Providers.


All system status data (components, performance, threads usage, …) are correlated and can be visualized at any point in time. By using the Time-Machine feature administrators can “go back in time” and navigate into all Fuse Management Central interfaces as if they were on that specific moment in time, allowing to quickly pinpoint issues and drill-down into metric details.


Archive Server

Monitor and interact with OpenText Archive Server.


Fuse Management Central is now supporting an out-of-the-box integration with Checkmk.

Content Server

Integrate with OpenText Content Server and understand how your environment is working and gain new insights.